About Cindy Charles -- The Residential Realtor

With Cindy Charles as your residential realtor, you will receive white glove customer service for long-term satisfaction no matter what your budget is.

Supported by the experienced team at Keller Williams, Cindy Charles is committed to helping clients plan their future, from their first home to their retirement investments.

Bringing fresh eyes to the real estate world, Cindy Charles is the perfect person to represent you in all your real estate needs. Her experience as an entrepreneur has equipped her with a unique set of skills. As someone who successfully turns ideas into businesses, she is persistent, a great communicator, and knows how to think outside of the box to reach her objectives.

On top of being a former host and producer of a televised talk show, Cindy’s background includes experience in sales, management, hospitality, and she has Bachelor's degree from Concordia University. These things might seem random, but the common element is the human experience and her ability to connect with people.

With Cindy Charles, you won't just be another transaction. It’s not just business, it’s personal.

Cindy Charles Real Estate
Cindy Charles Real Estate